Terms & Conditions

  1. Digisol Systems Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Digisol“) Loyalty Program (hereinafter referred to as “Digisol Loyalty Program“) – “Digisol Cash Karo” is launched for exclusive use for “Electrician” OR “IT Installer” OR “IT Maintenance” OR ” IT Technician” OR “IT Contractor” OR “IT Retailer” (hereinafter referred to as “Members“) who are promoting Digisol brand.
  2. Digisol categorizes its customers into 3 categories mainly Electricians, Retailers, and Digisol Partner vouchers. Further Electricians are considered as Primary members, Retailers are Additional members and Digisol Partner Vouchers are recognized as Authorized members upon approval.
  3. The Members are not bound in any way to participate in or avail this Offer. The participation in this offer is voluntary. The Offer is being made purely on a best effort basis. Any person availing this Offer shall be deemed to have accepted these Offer Terms.
  4. No other members from Digisol & his/her relatives including but not limited to Digisol T1/T2 Partner, Distributors, System Integrators, Employees, etc shall participate in this program except verified members as mentioned in point 1 above, on Digisol Cash Karo app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If any account is registered as mentioned in this point, it will automatically be disabled without any prior notification.
  1. Digisol reserves the right and shall take necessary legal steps against members if it is found that they have registered in this program fraudulently even though they do not qualify to participate in the program within specified terms and conditions or guidelines.
  1. Digisol reserves all the rights to withdraw, modify, change or terminate the program at any point of time with or without notice to members. Currently this program is implemented for selected products, however Digisol reserves the right to include additional products or exclude any products from the program.
  1. To participate in the Loyalty Program, one must be a member who is promoting Digisol brand as mentioned in point no. 1 above and is in compliance with all the statutory compliances laid down by the respective State Government as well as Central Government as are applicable for carrying out a particular business or profession in applicable categories.
  1. Digisol Loyalty Program commences from 16thAugust 2019 and shall be valid until Digisol at its sole discretion decides to discontinue or terminate it.
  1. Members needs to register for the first time on the Android or IOS App or via call center for getting the rewards under the said program. Members shall input their correct profile and other required data for the purpose of registration and update the same from time to time through app or toll-free call center on 1800 209 3444. The Digisol Cash Karo app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple app store for download.
  2. In case of technical difficulty member/s can call the toll-free call center on 1800 209 3444 (hereinafter called as “Customer Care Number” or “Call Centre”) at any time between 09:00 am to 05.30 pm from Monday to Friday for assistance and guidance.
  1. Members are requested to confirm authenticity and validity of their Bank account details including account nos., IFSC codes and name/branch of scheduled Bank while registering such details through App or customer care. Digisol shall not in any way be held responsible for failure of the redemptions on account of incorrect or invalid bank account details.
  1. All eligible members are required to submit copies of documents required for KYC like Aadhaar card, Copy of Bank passbook (first page containing account details) /Cancelled cheque, as required by Digisol. KYC confirmation status can be confirmed in the app or through customer care.
  1. It is important for the user/s to fill Bank account details, PAN & GST No.
  1. All eligible members shall accrue points in their accounts as per the program terms & conditions as and when they buy genuine Digisol products through authorized channel partners, however redemption shall only happen once their KYC authorization is completed by Digisol.
  1. If any information provided by member is found incorrect, not current or incomplete or if Digisol has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is incorrect, untrue, inaccurate, not updated or incomplete, Digisol has the right to indefinitely suspend or terminate such account forthwith without any further notice.
  1. The registration for loyalty program is non-transferable. It can solely be used by the original registered member only.
  1. Digisol shall continuously modify, develop and upgrade various features of this program by way of changes in software programming of browsing App which are required for utilizing the Loyalty program account. Members are required to regularly update the latest version of the app at their end to ensure installation of all such modifications and changes to continue participation in the program.
  1. Every user ID for the loyalty program shall be the registered mobile number and the password shall be the OTP received by the registered member on his/her mobile phone.
  1. Points can be accrued against purchase of Digisol products covered under this loyalty program as announced by Digisol from time to time (Currently available on select products of Copper Cables & components) through Digisol Cash Karo application or using customer care number. The list of products eligible under this program is available on cashkaro.digisol.com. Digisol reserves the right to increase or decrease the validity of the reward points at its sole discretion with or without notification to members.
  1. The loyalty code printed on the package of Digisol can be scanned/used only once for collecting the reward points. Members are requested to scan or register only valid codes. Using or scanning Codes repeatedly is forbidden and may lead to suspension or cancellation of registered account forthwith. Digisol will not be responsible for any kind of failure in code scanning or absence of code sticker on the product packaging, technical failure due to technical malfunction of mobile network, mobile equipment, application system, software, failure for any product scan to be received on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on internet/website /mobile application including any damages injury resulting from participation or downloading or uploading any details/material in the. However, member can still contact Customer care for support.
  1. In case the registered member is unable to access his/her account or for any reason including but not limited to loss of mobile phone, misuse by third person, wrong entry of loyalty code, wrong password entered for 3 times, etc., in such scenarios the registered member needs to call the customer care and after successful verification the call center shall assist the said member.
  1. This program is based on reward points as applicable to specific products and members which shall be communicated from time to time. Digisol reserves its right to change, modify or even exclude certain products, reward points & members category from eligibility to this program at any point of time with or without prior notice.
  1. Upon redemption of the Reward Points, the Reward Points so redeemed shall automatically stand reduced from the accumulated Reward Points in the said member’s account.
  1. Electrician, Retailer and Digisol Voucher redemption payment will be made after deduction of applicable TDS as per the Income Tax Act.
  1. Digisol reserves the right to reject/cancel/suspend any account if they deem it has been forged or otherwise tampered with and also to delete/ remove / terminate / discontinue any member on its sole discretion without assigning any reason.
  1. In case member accounts remain inactive (no transaction or login in the said account) beyond 90 days’ time, Digisol shall Endeavour to contact all such members through phone, SMS (message) and personal visit to regularize the relationship. However, in spite of all efforts if it is not possible to establish any contact with the member then Digisol reserves the right to forfeit rewards & points lying as balance in the said account.
  1. Kindly note above mention offer category are inimitable and only one winner for each category entitled / selected if member achieve Digisol Cash Karo point strictly within offer period. Member who achieves highest point in each category will be the winner or if multiple members achieve similar points under each category, then winner will be selected based on lucky draw.
  1. To refer a friend to Digisol Cash Karo Loyalty Program scheme, you must be a registered member, (hereinafter referred to as “Referrer”) on Digisol Cash Karo Loyalty Program & the member you refer must be a NEW (and not a returning or existing) Member, (hereinafter referred to as “Referee”) to Digisol Cash Karo Loyalty Program. The Referrer will receive 5 Points as referral credit.
    1. Referrer and referee will be eligible for rewards with all of the below conditions:
    2. Referrer will be eligible for cash back if they have registered over the Digisol Cash Karo program and completed a KYC, Bank details, Profile.
    3. Each referee should have to click on the referrer invite link only to get registered over the application.
  1. Referrer won’t be getting 5 Points if they haven’t completed their profile and KYC. To get 5 Points referrer must complete the KYC and profile within 14 days after being eligible for the reward points.
  1. Only after reaching 500 points, members can redeem the Reward Points; the Reward Points will be transferred to the member’s account only if the members have scanned Digisol Products. Points collected via referral or transferred, will not be eligible. Referrer and referee will get 40 points after first redemption.
  1. If a person was referred by multiple Referrers and more than one referral link was clicked, referral will be attributed to the link which was clicked first.
  1. For Electricians: Members are requested to understand and ensure their devices conform to hardware and bandwidth specifications for uninterrupted use of this program on their Smartphone. In case members are unable to conform to these specifications, then they can participate in this program by taking help of dedicated customer care.
  1. For Digisol Partner Voucher: A person registered under the“Digisol Voucher” category other than Electrician & Retailer will not be eligible for Registration Completion points as well as for Referral scheme points. The bundle vouchers which are issued by Digisol Systems Limited are only eligible for scan and redemption.
  1. The users under Digisol vouchers category will receive their payment within 10 days after final approval from our helpdesk team.
  1. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India. Member hereby expressly consents to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the courts located in Goa for all matters arising in connection with these Rewards Terms and Conditions or Member’s participation in the Program.
  1. Neither Digisol nor any of its affiliates make any warranty of any kind, express or implied (including, without limitation, any implied warranty of quality, or fitness for a particular purpose or for performance of the Services).
  1. Members agree to indemnify, defend and hold Digisol and its representatives and agents harmless from and against any and all third-party claims, demands, liabilities, costs or expenses, including attorney’s fees and costs, arising from, or related to any breach by Member of any of these Rewards Terms and Conditions or any violation by Member of applicable law.